Kegelschiene – small in size, big advantage

Kegelschiene is portable, so you can take it to your favourite place for playing bowling and ninepins, and set the 5 parts up there in no time and without tools.
With only 3 kilogram in weight, everyone can use it.

  • for wheelchair users
  • fast setup
  • no tools

Easy to use

Kegelschiene is foolproof to use:
Just put on the shoulder support, put the ball in the deepening and you can start with a lot of momentum!

modular system

Kegelschiene consists of 5 parts, which can be connected by plugging into each other without using tools.

use in leisure or integration

Kegelschiene can also be used for other activities. Whether it’s leisure games such as bowling pool (picture), or inclusion in school sports: there are no limits to creativity.

Start Ab system

With our Start Ab system people with severe impairment of their hand movement are also able to use Kegelschiene to play ninepins or go bowling. You can find a demonstration of the Start Ab system in this video.

Allrounder Kegelschiene

Regardless of whether you can bowl without help or are dependent on others:
Kegelschiene is certainly the right thing for you.

  • For all ages

    Children can make the most of Kegelschiene thanks to its compact dimensions (80 cm × 20 cm × 30 cm) and the padded and adjustable shoulder rests.
    It is equally well suited for elderly people with limited mobility.

  • Don’t want to bowl?

    You can also spice up other sports with Kegelschiene. Have you ever played magnificated pool with gymnastic and medicine balls? No? Then visit our Kegelschienensport Gallery

  • Travelling a lot?

    That is no problem.
    With us you can also order a handy Kegelschiene bag.

  • Do you operate bowling alleys?

    Are you a restaurateur and run a bowling alley? Or do you own a bowling center? Kegelschiene is certainly an enrichment for your offer!

Wanna play ninepins?

Here you can buy Kegelschiene or – to find out more – have a look at some pictures in our gallery.

Contact and Orders

Contact us for questions and orders. You cand find out more about the pricing here. Please remember to mention your address and payment details in your order.